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“Compassion In Action”

“Reiki Is Love”

reiki-heart-customReiki is a gentle method of healing ourselves, each other, and our pets using Spiritually Guided Life Energy. It exists in abundance throughout the Universe. Your Certified Practitioner delivers Reiki to help you heal on every level. For example, it can heal physically (disease and injury), mentally (bi-polar disorder, Alzheimer’s), or emotionally (stress, depression, anxiety). Just as your body knows how to function without your thinking about it, your body knows how to use the energy to enhance your health and well being. An experienced Practitioner facilitates the whole process. During a session you may feel warmth from your practitioner’s hands, a tingling sensation, or a feeling of lightness. You may become so relaxed you fall soundly asleep. Reiki leaves you feeling peaceful and relaxed, and better able to handle any challenge with which you’re faced.

Schools of Reiki

There are many, many forms of Reiki that are quite different from one another in both their teachings and applications. I offer the two versions best known for their exceptional healing benefits:


Usui Reiki originated in Japan in the 1920’s. Its wondrous effects propelled the system around the world. As it traveled, the teachings adapted to different cultures and belief systems, losing much of the original foundation and teachings. Still, it’s a lovely form of energy healing, and it has proven its value. I was honored many years ago to learn from internationally renown Arjava Petter of Europe and Japan and author of The Legacy of Dr. Usui. In addition to providing classes of exceptional quality, my teaching model includes an intuitive perspective to help you develop your own natural abilities. Your enhanced intuitive senses will accelerate your healing path, and the path of those to whom you provide healing.

Jikiden Reiki is pure and simple, as the Founders taught before it traveled to the West.  Chiyoko Yamaguchi learned from Dr. Hayashi when she was just 17 years old. She preserved the system, healing her friends and family for 65 years. Chiyoko literally raised her four boys on Reiki with great success.  When Chiyoko and her son Tadao became aware of how far it had drifted from the original teachings, they established the Jikiden Reiki Institute to help us return to its roots. I traveled to Nova Scotia in 2008 and learned directly from Tadao Yamaguchi.  Over the next few years I earned the privilege of opening one of the very first accredited branches of the Jikiden Reiki Institute in the USA.  It’s my passion to share this simple, yet very effective system with you!